Monitoring QoS on Cisco routers

A customer has several WAN lines to remote offices and has QoS implemented on the routers. Of course I wanted to monitor what really happens on the line. Which packets are classified? And how? How many packets are queued and how many bytes are dropped. And the customer was interested …

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Graphing DNS with bind9stats and xymon

I couldn't find a satisfactory solution, so I wrote some ext script for bind9 stats to be used with my central monitoring xymon server.

First of all we need statistical data. Put this bind9 config snippet in your servers configuration file:

zone-statistics yes;
statistics-file "/var/log/named.stats";

After that …

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Ausgabe-Umleitung in einem Script global definieren

Marc Schiffbauer, 17.01.2013


Oft möchte man in einem Shell-Script alle Ausgaben in eine Datei umleiten. Das geht normalerweise einfach so:

$ ./ > /dev/null

Dieser Befehl bewirkt, dass alle Ausgaben, die das Script normalerweise auf die Standard-Ausgabe des Terminals schreiben würde, nun nach /dev/null geschrieben werden.

Möchte man aber erreichen …

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