firefox os mobile mail autoconfig with automx

New smartphone systems went public these days. I decided to test the default mail app of firefox os with automx.

I used the firefox os emulator which is installed easy on i.e Ubuntu:

alt-Text alt-Text alt-Text alt-Text

Relevant info about the default email app of firefox os and its autodiscover/autoconfig

As written in code <>:

The Autoconfigurator tries to automatically determine account settings, in
large part by taking advantage of Thunderbird's prior work on autoconfig. There
are some important differences, however, since we support ActiveSync whereas
Thunderbird does not

This means if you want to use the Mozilla autoconfig method you have to announce an URI like this:



autoconfig also supports redirects to https://, but it doesn't enforce it.

If you want to use Microsoft's AutoDiscover method you would have to announce an URI like this:


Then you have to serve ActiveSync there as well.


I dont think this mixture is very lucky, perhaps it will change in the future but you have to honor it, for now, at your automx setup.

Now I did some tests with it anounces like this:

<clientConfig version="1.1">
 <emailProvider id="">
   <displayName>sys4 AG</displayName>
   <displayShortName>sys4 AG</displayShortName>
   <incomingServer type="imap">
   <outgoingServer type="smtp">

It failed, i reviewed the code and found:

// We do not support unencrypted connections outside of unit tests.
      if (config.incoming.socketType !== 'SSL' ||
          config.outgoing.socketType !== 'SSL') {
        callback('no-config-info', null, { status: 'unsafe' });

So that does not make much sense. I filed a bug report to Mozilla, which was responsed that STARTTLS is not supported yet by Firefox OS.

So at the moment only the SSL Ports 465 and 993 work. At least I tested with my own AutoConfig setup, which anounces SSL ports too. And finally it worked!

So it seems from automx side ,everything is fine , but there is still a lot to do for the firefox people.

Robert Schetterer, 28 Feb 2013