The missing Cyrus SASL man pages

I think it must be at least 8 years ago, since I boarded a plane in Munich and flew to meet Alexey Melnikov in London. We spent the weekend going over the Cyrus SASL code, because I was destined to write man pages for this important SASL framework. Writing the missing documentation should be my way to say "thank you for the programs that make my life easier".

Alexey helped me a lot to understand Cyrus SASL better and he dug options from the code known probably only to those who have written the framework. Alexey is one of them. After a few iterations Cyrus SASL man pages became visible and readable. I contacted authors of various plugins and asked for their input.

They helped and then I went to the Cyrus SASL mailing list and announced I would like to contribute them to the project. They just needed a little more brush and probably one more review... No reaction.

So here they are: The missing Cyrus SASL man pages. For posterity, and those who struggle to find their way through security related software that isn't documented. You can read them online or download the Cyrus SASL man pages as tarball containing various in- and output formats:

ldapdb 5, libsasl 5, saslauthd 8, saslauthd.conf 5, sasldb 5, sasldblistusers2 8, saslpasswd2 8, saslpasswd.conf 5, sql 5

Patrick Koetter, 07 Jan 2015