netbox integration with KEA DHCP Server

netbox is an asset management system, which includes IPAM and DCIM functions. In an IT environment it serves as the source of truth. So all other services should use netbox as its backend. In this article I want to describe how to setup the integration between netbox and the KEA …

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Create firewalld Rules from netbox

The netbox asset management system offers the possiblity to add services to devices and virtual machines. With full automation installed to create virtual machines from netbox it would be cool to also create the firewall rules for new machines from the information stored in netbox.

netbox Service Field

For every …

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Device Discovery with netbox

netbox is a cool asset management system that serves as source of truth. Configurations are derived from netbox and deployed with ansible or saltstack. But how does netbox get the information about all devices? In this article I want to discuss a method to discover new devices based on known …

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Fast Provisioning with Netbox and Ansible


Administrators of services need new servers fast. They do not want to wait until the master of the virtualization environment has time to setup their new machines.

The solution is automation. The administrators get access to the inventory tool and can click their new machines themselves. Clever automation in …

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Using netbox as external pillar

Network automation is cool. But even better is deriving the configuration information from an asset management system that serves as the source of truth for anything in the network. In this article I will present a solution with saltstack that uses netbox as the data store (pillar) to set the …

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