Monitoring amavis

This article describes how to monitor amavis for fault and performance.

Monitoring Basics

If you operate an application, you have to monitor it. You want to be the first one to know when things go wrong. You also want to know how well your application performs. That is why you …

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Using netbox as external pillar

Network automation is cool. But even better is deriving the configuration information from an asset management system that serves as the source of truth for anything in the network. In this article I will present a solution with saltstack that uses netbox as the data store (pillar) to set the …

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Configuration Enforcement for SNMP

This documents describes the SNMP configuration of network devices with saltstack and and napalm.

Configuration Management in the Network

Configuration management in server deployment is widely practised. Key players are puppet, saltstack, or ansible. Administrators developed a whole tool chain with git to speed up the deployment and utilized different …

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Monitoring QoS on Cisco routers

A customer has several WAN lines to remote offices and has QoS implemented on the routers. Of course I wanted to monitor what really happens on the line. Which packets are classified? And how? How many packets are queued and how many bytes are dropped. And the customer was interested …

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